Glamour’s (Unintentional) 5 Item Challenge


The other day I was flipping through Glamour Magazine. It told me I need a hot little bag. While have serious doubts that I NEED anything besides food, water, and shelter, I do like the unintentional simplification challenge. So I tried it. I dumped out my purse and only kept the 5 most essential items. So here goes…


First, my $9.99 Target purse. It is actually apparently a camera bag.


My iPod. Use it at work, at the gym, in the kitchen, in the car, basically all the time.


An assortment of painkillers


Papermate Profile Pen. Love these.


Cherry Chapstick


My wallet, a $15 swapmeet find, and doubles as a clutch when I’m feeling fancy.


Bonus! Curly unpacking my purse.

What would your 5 items be?


7 thoughts on “Glamour’s (Unintentional) 5 Item Challenge

  1. Wallet, phone, pen (uniball vision), my little notebook/peripheral brain, and lip balm. And I really can’t think of a number six. Why is my purse such a mess? That’s my project for tomorrow. 🙂

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