Letting Go

Tristan always tells me that everything in life is just a state of mind. If we are stressed over something, it’s because we are allowing stress to take over.Worrying is in your head, stress is in your head, unhappiness is in your head, happiness, contentment, all of it is in your head.

With all of the pressure and expectations surrounding weddings, this mental battle is acutely present. Trying to deal with the opinions and criticisms of family and friends, sifting through all the bullshit the Wedding Industrial Complex tells you you *must* have or your wedding will be a failure. Trying not to lose sight of the your identity when everyone else wants you to to it their way. Sometimes you just need to get out of your head.

In preparation for the inevitable stress wedding planning will undoubtedly bring, I’ve amassed a few resources and techniques for dealing with the stress and drama:

First, initial reactions and coping.

Then, Zen Mind for letting go of the stress.

Letting your detractors know what’s up.

And finally, revisiting my favorite book…

I kind of want to live in the Hundred Acre Wood…

5 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. That. Looks. Amazing. Also read the “You’ll See” post linked to it and it was SO spot on! I was telling one of my girlfriends that I would NOT be a bridezilla because the little details just don’t hold a lot of emotional weight for me and she was all, “you say that now but you will” like I would suddenly have a complete personality shift and inevitably become a monster!

    • I know what you mean. Around my wedding I found people had started to treat me like I was a ticking time bomb… and I was super laid-back. They had to pry my opinions out of me! It’s a terrible stigma, but I honestly think you can begin to break it with your goal of being as low-maintenance as possible!

  2. I have not read that book yet! My friend tells me it’s great though, so perhaps I’ll have to grab a copy during my next Starbucks run inside Barnes and Noble.

    I find that just recognizing my reaction to negative things helps me stop stress in its tracks. Just the simple acknowledgement of it forces me to decide between spending energy on reacting poorly or accepting it. Then once I accept it, I can work to reduce the stress through my mental toolkit. 🙂

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