Friday Rant: Wedding Cakes

*This is not a real cake

Okay so I might be biased on this one because I’m not a huge fan of cake/sweets in general, but I just don’t get wedding cakes. It seems like people act like the cake is THE most important thing. The centerpiece of the wedding. Has to match the theme/color scheme and such. Guys, it’s a cake. The idea is you eat it. I promise you that regardless of how beautiful you’re ephemeral little $600 3-tiered cake is, it’s going to look the same as a $50 Costco cake at the end of the day (post-digestion). Not to mention once you call it a “wedding” cake they mark the price up.

And get this, people are getting fake cakes now. Like they have a cake made out of artificial material with a little segment of real cake for the “cake-cutting ceremony” (which I also don’t understand). Do you really care so much about how your cake looks that you’re sacrificing the functionality of a cake (remember, cake is for eating…?) in order to have the perfect beautiful wedding cake. Aaahhhh it’s like Frankenstein’s monster and it’s totally creepy and TOTALLY superficial.

Yeah, for some reason the concept of wedding cakes weirds me out even more than spending $2000 on a dress. I don’t see the reason for the expense, and I think it would be much cooler to make and decorate my own cake. I actually used to be a cake decorator, so I can totally do it! Or since I’m not much of a baker (just a decorator) maybe someone can bake it for me and I’ll make it pretty. Or I’ll make it from a box. Honestly the best cake I’ve ever had is melted ice cream cake with cream cheese frosting.


6 thoughts on “Friday Rant: Wedding Cakes

  1. We didn’t cut a cake at our wedding, but we did share a piece of tiramisu from our favorite restaurant. I didn’t really like the idea of people watching us feed each other…such a creepy tradition.

  2. I totally agree with this. It’s completely insane the lengths people go to for ONE DAY.

    That’s why I’m leaning more towards something simple and delicious like this:

    These are kind of trendy right now, as well. I think there’s something very refreshing about the simplicity of it:

    Love your blog! Good luck with everything! 🙂

      • That’s what I always say–
        Which is why, when the time comes for me and the boy to said “I do” (hopefully by Summer’s end), if I haven’t talked to you in the past week, you’re probably not invited.
        And maid of honor/bridesmaids? Not gonna happen. Bitch, it ain’t about you. Haha! I’ve been in enough weddings (4 and counting) to know that it’s just ONE MORE area for there to be unwanted drama.
        Simple, small, and affordable. That’s the only way to do it.

  3. I think a lot of wedding “must-haves” are there just for photo ops. A gorgeous cake? All the better to take some pics in front of! That makes sense then that people have fake cakes. All they’re good for is to make a pretty picture! 🙂

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