Minimalist Monday: Advertising

Flo (Progressive Insurance)

Flo (Progressive Insurance)

In an effort to organize/focus my posting, I will now be posting Adventures in Minimalism at least every Monday! This complements my Friday Rants 🙂

One of the things that has really stood out to me as I have more fully embraced living with less and rejecting our harmful consumer culture (and also exposure to the Wedding Industrial Complex) is advertising. Pick up a fashion magazine and look at one of the photos. Most likely, there is a one sentence caption followed by a list of what the model is wearing, where to buy it, and how much it costs. Turn on the TV. There is an advertisement telling you about how this sale is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY, and God forbid you miss out on the amazing deals for the clothes made by some 8 year old in Indonesia. You MUST go here, you NEED this, look at how happy that family is because of their matching sweaters!

Advertising is 100% a big trick. First they tell you you’re missing something, then they show you someone who is so happy that they have this thing, and in order to be happy you must too have this thing. But lately I’ve been picturing advertisements being made. Being an actress or a model, pretending to enjoy myself so I can make a dollar. It’s all pretend. Flo is not really going to help you with your Progressive car insurance policy. There is no “kitchen counselor” coming to rescue you from an argument about dishes with your mother/spouse/whatever. The smiling woman in the magazine probably has sore cheeks from faking it. It’s all fake. It all reeks of desperation to take money out of your pocket for something that will not fill that void they created in you.

So on that happy note, here’s some great Monday reading:

From The Minimalists, Create More, Consume Less calling the advertisers out on their lies.

From mnmlist: The Future of Advertising in which we can opt to make advertising unprofitable by going ad-free in our information consumption.


2 thoughts on “Minimalist Monday: Advertising

  1. You know what is so funny! The first time I saw ad’s as one big trick, was when I use to watch “America’s Top Model” I would see these girls doing things that terrified them, so they can “get a modeling contract” from Tara Banks.
    Also, food ads. No one tells you that the food is painted, has sticks in them to keep them from doing what they are suppose to do; Fall over because the pack it full of the ingredients. But when you get to buy it. It is a flat tiny burger..

    So I turn off the T.V

    • I hadn’t even thought of America’s Next Top Model, what a great example! We have a really nice TV that was a generous gift from the future in-laws, but it rarely gets turned on except for the occasional episode of Modern Family.

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