Simplicity to be… Prepared???

To the average person, simplifying your possessions seems like it would be counterproductive in being prepared. If you’re getting rid of those items intended for some obscure purpose, how could you possibly be prepared for everything? Well first, I think that minimalists and frugal people can be much more resourceful than most. They are able to find a single item to fulfill multiple uses. Second, they are more prepared to cope when life throws them something unexpected.

Let me explain.

Tristan’s parents live in your stereotypical two story suburban house with a cluttered garage, filled to the brim with stuff. His mother is a firecracker, I love her to death. Although she is approaching retirement age, she has just earned another credential in special education and shows no signs of retiring. Ever. She loves her job, and she loves to take on projects (of late they have revolved around redecorating the house). Recently, she fractured her back in a horseback riding accident. His father is not in great health. He is not able to help around the house much, and his health requires constant care. Around the same time as his mom hurt her back, his dad tripped on a garden hose and broke his rib.

With the double onset of these injuries, the house became less of a sanctuary and more of a source of stress. Neither of them could clean, sort, organize, or take care of the garden. They are embracing the idea of simplifying and decluttering, and all of the benefits of  owning fewer possessions. After witnessing the burden that possessions can place on people, we are now more determined than ever to live simply so that if something unexpected happens, we have less stuff to worry about!


4 thoughts on “Simplicity to be… Prepared???

  1. My mother’s home is like this.. It often shocks me how my father was able to spend 40 years with all that clutter. When he passed away, My siblings and I made an attempt to de clutter, it did not last long. Although she has health problems and really cannot move anything. She is slowing drowning in her stuff.

    Seeing this put me in overdrive. Living a simple life just works,!

    • And not only the stuff but the square footage! It takes me about 2 hours to clean my whole apartment top to bottom. Tristan’s parents have recently hired a crew of 4 people to clean their house!

  2. this is probably how some of the people on the tv show hoarders started out, i suppose it could happen to almost anyone. thank you, your story has given me motivation to remove more ‘possessions’ from my lifestyle.

    • Definitely. Tristan’s mom is trying so hard to declutter now later in life and it’s so much more of a struggle since there is 30 years of accumulated stuff to go through. It’s good to start early to save a lot of trouble down the road.

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