Minimalist Monday: Simplifying Soap

TRESemme Ingredients Label

Last week, Tristan and I simplified our soaps in a few ways. When I say soap, I mean the stuff we clean ourselves with. Those shampoo and body wash bottles piled up in the shower. Personally, I have never understood why I go to some people’s houses and see multiple shampoos and body washes in the shower. However in recent history, Tristan and I have each had a set of shampoo, conditioner, and soap resulting in cluttered ledges in our shower. So here’s how we simplified:

  1. I have always had separate soap for my face and body. Ever since I was in middle school it has been like this. However, I have been blessed with decently clear skin and don’t require specialized face soaps so there was no reason to have two soaps when the job could be done by one. I chose goats milk soap from Tshirts&Twine as it is homemade and goats milk soap is gentle enough for use on the face. I’m loving it already.
  2. We consolidated. We donated the multiple shampoos, conditioners, and body and face washes we had accumulated to his parents and replaced them with 1 bottle each of shampoo and conditioner, and a bar of soap. That brought us from 7 bottles down to two bottles and a bar of soap. 
  3. We reduced the amount of chemicals we have exposed ourselves too. I am a chemist by trade, so I’m already constantly exposed to synthetic and harmful chemicals on a daily basis. It’s calming to reduce my chemical exposure since I’m pretty sure at the ripe age of 23 I’ve already had the chemical exposure of a 50 year old. This also had the side benefit of improving Tristan’s health. He has always had sensitive skin requiring particular brands of soap. His sensitive skin also made him prone to rashes, especially when our rats walked on him. Since switching over to natural soaps he has been rash free.

So in this exercise, we physically reduced the amount of clutter in the shower and are using simpler soaps to reduce our exposure. We traded in our Olay body wash and TRESemme shampoo  containing a multitude of unpronounceable ingredients (see photo above) for homemade soap and Everyday Shea shampoo and conditioner containing 5 ingredients. My hair is definitely transitioning from the harsh chemicals to something that doesn’t strip the oils from my hair, but I kind of like it. More on that later.


One thought on “Minimalist Monday: Simplifying Soap

  1. I was just thinking about my soaps/shampoos/conditioners today… For some reason I tend to hoard body products. When my conditioner is “almost out”, I go buy a fresh one. But then I’m excited to use the new smell, so I put it in the shower right away and then I have 2. *sigh*

    Simplify, simplify, simplify!

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