Friday Rant: Budget Savers

I know, it’s been a while since I got a good rant in. Work has been chaos these past few weeks, so I haven’t had enough time to think! But today we are going to talk about something that really pisses me off: the budget saver.

Allow me to explain. With the average American wedding costing approximately $28,000 lots of people are out there looking for ways to save some money, myself included. And the advice from every single google result is the same: cut the guest list.

I think that’s the worst advice ever. Yes, you should only have people there that you really want to share the day with you, but that number is not always going to be small. For instance, Tristan has a very large family. I know quite a few of them very well and adore them and I couldn’t imagine them not being there for this momentous occasion (especially since Tristan is the oldest grandchild and the first to get married, his family is already excited and we don’t even have a date). Well with just his family that’s like 75 people already.

This page here is a glaring example of how kind of messed up this is. If you didn’t read it, the gist of it is summed up as

  • Splurge on: dress, hair/makeup, photographer, food
  • Save on: Flowers, guest list, bar, wedding favors

The implication here is that your single use dress and the food you serve is more important than the company you keep. And we all know how I feel about wedding dresses. I don’t know about you, but I would rather celebrate with everyone I love and naked in the middle of nowhere than have to exclude people that I would have wanted there a so I could wear a fancy dress. As for food, you don’t have to spend an obscene amount so everyone can have a fine dining experience. Especially if there are kids. What foods does pretty much anyone like? Pizza? Hot wings? Tacos? None of those things cost a lot and I doubt anyone worthwhile would complain about a delicious taco bar.


5 thoughts on “Friday Rant: Budget Savers

  1. In Australia you NEVER skimp on the bar ahaha. We are in the same situation where 70 people on our alone are our close family, and we haven’t invited a lot of family members we don’t see often. If we were to cut the guest list we may as well just elope. I WAS the same with you on the dress, but I tried on over 30 dresses and the only one I liked was $2000, I am very grateful that my Grandmother helped me out with that one.

    We saved money on our photographer for sure, at $150 an hour, I guess she is considered ‘amateur’? But she came highly recommended from a family member and exactly what you wanted, so it worth doing your research on up and coming photographers !

    We have saved money on our favours by having cupcakes as our cake and saved on flowers by ordering silk and real touch on Etsy. Hair and makeup is surely something everyone can save on by getting some friend discounts?

    Our budget is pushing out to $26000 including out honeymoon and I am trying to be a thrifty as possible but we have cut the guest list as much as possible! I enjoyed your rant! I feel ya!

    • Hey including honeymoon that’s not bad! I agree on the bar too, especially living in San Diego which is vying for the title of craft beer Capitol of America so everyone loves their beer!

  2. i agree, cutting the guest list is the last thing you should do, the more the merrier, right? i think its more important for everyone to have a great time than having expensive photos that make it LOOK like everyone was having a great time. and everybody must get drunk!

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