Friday Rant: Transportation???

Okay so I was flipping through a bridal magazine last night and came across something in their “to do” lists that baffled me. It told me I needed to “provide transportation” to my wedding, and “rent a party bus or limo” to get our guests to the ceremony and reception.

What on earth happened on the way to weddings that suddenly we need to rent party buses to get our guests to a previously agreed upon location??? I mean, maybe it’s because I live in a driving city but the majority of the people I know have a functioning car. And generally when I go to any sort of event you just kind of, you know, drive there. Suddenly I’m expected to pay $125 an hour so what? People can drive somewhere to have a bus take them somewhere else? And for those out of town guests, well we have family and friends in from out of town all the time and they never seem to have a problem getting around the city.

Yeah, let’s put grandma in the bus with the stripper pole…


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