Friday Rant: Pinterest

Here’s quite a beast to tackle. Pinterest. The platform on which 20 something women plan their fantasy weddings. A collection of people who appear to be simultaneously crafty and pretty good photographers because damn, there are a lot of dramatic photos of hands making paper flowers.

Despite having a Pinterest account myself, I am not really a fan. This is due to the pressure it puts on women to make their weddings (and their lives) “Pinterest-worthy” when in reality they will probably just end up being a Pinstrosity. I look at the Pinterest board that my girlfriend has going for my own wedding and it stresses me out a little bit. Like really, I don’t necessarily want to deal with light canopies and candles and creative escort cards and decorations in general. I have more of an attitude of “stick some flowers in a mason jar and get on with the party.” I think Pinterest cultivates this idea that you need to have cute homemade favors and hand crafted centerpieces and flower balls (fleurtesticals?) hanging from the trees swaying gently in the wind. Pinterest places an inappropriate amount of emphasis on how your wedding looks rather than how your wedding feels. A wedding is not about having the prettiest centerpieces, it’s about celebrating the start of a marriage with the people you love most and having a damn good time doing it.

So a disclaimer on my own Pinterest endeavors. When I first joined Pinterest I saw it as a productivity tool. My initial board was ideas for decorating my sweetheart’s apartment. It was easy to have everything visually in one spot. I also have a board with the clothes from my Project 333 challenge. My own wedding board is more of a collection of bookmarks for websites, vendors, logistics, and a few crafty things thrown in. There is some inspiration thrown in and a lot of crafted flowers because initially I wanted to save money on flowers by making a bunch of paper flowers instead. I don’t really participate in the social side of Pinterest (spending hours browsing other people’s pins, re-pinning, “liking,” etc.), I just like it better than the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome. It’s has a nice visual interface that I like and that’s the extent of it.


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