Simply Entertained

For Jump of the Ladder 3.0 I have an exciting new challenge: giving up paid entertainment and substituting creative entertainment. Trist and I have noticed a cycle of entertainment among our peers. Especially with Summer starting and our friends now out of school, it’s an endless cycle of meeting up at a bar for drinks or a restaurant for food and drinks. Neither of these things are particularly healthy or appealing. While we enjoy the occasional drink, 100% of the time we both feel the negative effects of 1 or 2 beers for much longer than the euphoria. We keep our bodies very clean with fresh food, tea, exercise, and lots of water so our tolerance for things like coffee and alcohol is very low and always leaves us with upset stomachs.

We also don’t understand the food obsession of our peers. Trist’s company takes the employees out to lunch on birthdays, and his coworkers go over the menu beforehand, then discuss the meal for hours after its conclusion. My coworkers are obsessed with restaurants like it’s their job. Oh you’re going to X city? Make sure you eat at these restaurants when you’re there. Rather than activities, restaurants are their entertainment. They plan huge group dinners at the trendy new spot and get excited about eating in a way I don’t fully understand. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good meal but I tend to view it as sustenance, not as an activity in itself. Restaurant food also leaves us feeling very heavy and low energy afterwards because (1) the portions are so large you are bound to overeat and (2) restaurant food is cooked with more fat than you would use at home.

So rather than participating in these entertainment staples specific to 20 somethings, I am choosing to opt out of bar culture and food obsessed cultureInstead I will be choosing to partake in free activities such as hiking, biking, crafting, reading, etc. I want to participate in things that add value to my life, rather than things that make me feel crappy. To kick it off, here is a list of 59 Free Things to do to Feel Amazingly Alive!


3 thoughts on “Simply Entertained

  1. Good for you! Entertainment-wise, I can’t say enough for the local library. I listen to their audiobooks and in return I donate the magazines that I still take (not many) and manage to donate a LOT of books as I unpack old boxes.

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