After You’re Gone

After you’re gone no one talks about how nice your car was.

After you’re gone no one fawns over your house or your furniture.

After you’re gone no one discusses how much money you made.

They talk about who you were. What you did. How you touched people’s lives. What made you a great person. How you lived and how you loved.

Trist and I had the misfortune of burying one of his close friends last week, hence the lack of posts. It’s heartbreaking how a 22 year old could be ripped away so suddenly. But what was remarkable was how many people he had touched. How many young men and women came out to shovel dirt into his grave. The impression he made on the community, the shining aspects of his personality were remembered and celebrated. That is what we should live for. To devote our energy to being someone who is remembered for the love surrounding us.


5 thoughts on “After You’re Gone

  1. How very true. And I’ve been thinking along the same line all week, as my mom is ill in the hospital, back in the states. About how short life is, and what we do with it. Worth thinking about.

  2. Yeah. Once you realize that your stuff means nothing, it’s a slippery slope of realization that everything is nothing and you’re just like hey, I’m gonna die someday. All my friends are gonna die. Everyone I know is going to die. Everyone I don’t know is going to die. After a while, no one will even remember me or what I did and no matter how many people I touch in my life, oblivion is still eminent. But then you’re like, hey, maybe, regardless of brevity, life does matter so I should make the best of it.

  3. Also, I greatly admire your parallel sentence structuralization. It’s a powerful literary technique that, with the correct gusto really strikes a chord when read aloud.

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