WEDnesday: Recycle Your Wedding

This one is for those who may be in the throes of wedding planning, or maybe those who have recently made it legal and have 156 votives without a further purpose.

The site is called Ruffled Blog and it has a section called Recycle Your WeddingCouples post items leftover from their recent weddings for new brides-to-be (or grooms-to-be) to give second life. They have everything from stationary to favors to decorations to gowns. Table numbers, unused raffia, linens. It’s all there. They even have a WANTED section where you can post items you are seeking.

So far I’ve snagged 3 gallons of clear glass rocks and 2000 silk rose petals for less than $50.

Benefits of “Recycle Your Wedding”

  • Those leftovers from your wedding can make someone else’s wedding beautiful
  • Money. If you’re selling you can make back some of what you spent on decorations etc. If you’re buying it is way cheaper than getting everything brand new.
  • A lot of things have been crafted, if you’re going for that homegrown feel without the labor.
  • You aren’t creating more consumption by buying something brand new.

So far I’m a fan. Hopefully it’s beneficial for others!


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