Minimalist Monday: Failing Forward

I’ve fallen off the wagon. In the past 13 months I have been so strung out and exhausted from graduate school that I have lost touch with my minimalist side.

Our budget is out of control. Real talk: somehow 2 people have managed to spend around $4000 a month for a year. That’s way more than we have brought in, considering it’s been 13 months since I’ve gotten a paycheck. Our savings are in shambles. And my self esteem is in the toilet. How did I let this happen? Why did we just spend $120 at Target. Did I really need that moped? HOW DID WE SPEND OVER $1000 ON FOOD THIS MONTH!?

The clutter is piling up. I look at the mess in the kitchen and try to pretend it isn’t there. The “junk cabinet” is at a horrifying level. The fiance made a joke the other day that my “Chinese element is cardboard” as the Amazon purchases roll in. Stupid stress shopping.

As I beat myself up over how far I’ve drifted from my ideals, I remember the ideals that my new principal (I finished my master’s and got a teaching job by the way!) ingrained in us: “fail early and fail often.” My minimalist journey is still fairly young. Mistakes are a necessary part of the learning process. Fail forward. I can’t let the mistakes I’ve made paralyze me. Instead I will keep them in mind as I get myself back on track. Keep moving forward.


3 thoughts on “Minimalist Monday: Failing Forward

  1. We did the same thing during the 3 months we were planning our Irish elopement. It got pretty out of control. Like you, I had Amazon boxes coming in every other week, and since I wasn’t spending tons of money on the dress for our ceremony, I ended up with no less than 5 total before I decided on one and returned the others.

    I completely threw off my normal I-never-spend-money-on-anything attitude and was swiping the credit and debit cards with reckless abandon. I ended up wearing a dress from my very first day of shopping–typical–and if I had listened to my gut, I could have avoided the countless shopping quests to find the elusive “perfect dress”.

    We’re getting back on track, though, reining in our spending dramatically and paying off those couple of credit cards. You’ll get there, too! It happens to the best of us minimalists. 🙂

    You’re already doing awesome with not letting the wedding planning get to you. I started to let the elopement details stress me out, but I finally shook off all the worry over every little detail and just let the day happen. Best decision I ever made. And our day was perfect in all it’s unplanned-ness:

    Best of wishes to you in this next phase of life!

  2. Oh my, failing is such an important part of life, and one element which I wish was looked upon more positively. I’m glad you’re learning from the failures, and anticipate watching your fail forward.

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