My name is Alyssa. I am a 20 something born and raised in the freaking awesome city of San Diego. I have a kickass partner. His name is Tristan. We have two baby rats (Fluffer and Curly) who roam free in our 500 sq. ft. apartment in the suburbs. We are budding minimalists. And we want to get married and have a wedding representative of us.

At the creation of this blog, I was quite firmly “pre-engaged.” We were deciding what to do with Grandma’s engagement ring together, and coming up with strategies for dealing with my anti-marriage mother. And as young women are wont to do, all of this excitement had me planning my fantasy wedding in my head (and on pinterest). At the same time, I’m embracing the principles and benefits of minimalism, which is quite contradictory to this industry that demands more, bigger, better and shames those who don’t comply.

So after an unsuccessful google search for how to plan a minimalist wedding where all the results were about using clean lines and buying unadorned dresses, I decided to share my own journey of both minimalism and impending wedding planning. Hopefully there are some minimalist brides out there to chime in!



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  1. Alyssa and Tristan, What a great idea for a blog! And you’re right, there aren’t too many people talking about simple weddings – you’re so far ahead of the curve in your thinking and attitudes! I applaud your intrepid spirits and look forward to seeing what you decide. Wishing you all the best, Terri

    • Thanks Terri! With the average wedding now costing upwards of $26,000 we just kind of scratched our heads and wondered why? I only paid $3000 for my car that I drive every day, why should I spend almost ten times as much on a one day party? We want to create a place to say that it’s okay to focus on the marriage rather than the wedding in an industry that dubs you a failure if you don’t include all of their arbitrarily mandated details and rules.

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying! I’ll be posting more on weddings when I get deeper into wedding planning, and I’d like to feature some real minimalist’s weddings once I’ve grown and established the blog more. It’s definitely an overlooked group in the wedding industry!

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