WEDnesday: Wedding Planning is Easy

Wedding planning is easy. As of now our wedding is now 53 days away and I’ve hardly given it a thought. People keep asking me how stressed I am, or why I am so calm. Sometimes I ask myself the same thing. Why am I so calm? Weddingwire says I have 50 more items on my checklist to do. Why does that not stress me out? Because all of the important stuff is booked (venue, food, and officiant). Because I let go of the details. Because the wedding has never been anything more than a happy thing for me. I get to marry my best friend, my friends (some of whom I haven’t seen in years) are flying in from all over the country, and I have felt so loved through this whole process. Not to mention that I’m so concerned about how I am going to teach nuclear chemistry to 96 tenth graders next week I can’t even think about flower arrangements.

Our wedding has been a community effort, not something that I am planning on my own. I couldn’t micromanage if I wanted to due to the time commitments known as being-a-first-year-teacher. I’ve become a master of letting go of the details and delegating things to a supportive group of friends and family. I trusted a graphic designer friend to make the invitations. I left my future mother-in-law in charge of accommodations. My aunts had my dress made in Thailand. My future sister-in-law’s best friend is making cupcakes. My artist friend is making a guest book and signage. Everything is booked. We could have the wedding tomorrow and it would be fine.

I can see why wedding planning could be stressful. If I were invested in every single detail and wanted everything to be exactly perfect, like a vision on a Pinterest board, then I would probably be a basket case right now. But rather than burdening myself with unnecessary stress I relinquished control. I’ve let my wedding become a patchwork of contributions of different people that I love and trust. And I’m actually happier it worked out that way. It feels so much more meaningful because it’s a community thing, not just a “me” thing.

Thoughts on TINY

Browsing through Netflix, I stumbled upon TINY, a documentary about the tiny house movement. The messages of course resonated with me, but as I have just spent the past year in graduate school looking at the gap between middle class whites and working class minorities something struck me: every single person in this documentary was a middle class white person. It made me think about the tiny house and minimalist movements in general. Almost every blog is dominated by white individuals that oftentimes grew up in the middle class. There are many discussions of leaving corporate jobs to live simpler. I think that is all great but it seems like we are missing an entire perspective. I’m curious to hear the perspectives of minimalists with a different background. Please share your story in the comments, I would love to hear your voice!


Hey Everyone!

As I go through my Learning and Technology course the power of the internet as a learning resource has been impressed upon us as future teachers. Bloggers, sharers, content creators, we are all contributors to the collective human knowledge that is the Internet. In light of these thoughts I’ve been rethinking the design of Minimalist Bride from just a blog to a true resource (which was my original intent). I’ve already done some restructuring, you probably noticed some changes in the appearance, and I have some new content planned for the site.

Here’s what’s new:

Here’s what’s coming:

  • Simple Routines and Recipes under Tips for Minimalist Living
  • A compilation of wedding planning resources
  • DIY/DIT wedding projects

I hope you are as excited for the changes as I am!

Minimalist Monday: Meal Planning

Since September I’ve been horrendously busy with school and student teaching and as a result my diet took a turn for the worse. My days start at 5:30 am and don’t end until 7:30 pm, at which point I am far too exhausted to cook myself a healthy meal. On top of that, the holidays and the fact that I’m making no income has taken a toll on our food budget. So take out and frozen dinners it has been.

A few weeks ago I decided that needed to change. I needed a plan of attack, some organization, a way to make easy healthy meals on a budget. I needed a meal plan. I did a quick Google search and read this article on how to make a meal plan and went on my way creating a meal plan. It’s done wonders for our diet and makes my life so easy.

If you’re interested in a meal plan here’s what I did:

1. Flipped through the Fresh and Easy cookbook for recipes. If there is one cookbook everyone should own it’s this one. The meals are simple and fresh, and it has photos of all of the ingredients and each step. Best cookbook I’ve ever used.

2. Made a list of recipes I liked. My criteria was that they take less than 20 minutes and, of course, that they look delicious.

3. Use the recipes to make menus. I used 10 recipes to make 5 menus as follows:

-Middle Eastern: Falafel and Tabouli

-Italian: Pasta with tomato pesto, caprese salad

-Light & Fresh: Poached eggs over asparagus, beet/goat cheese salad

-Country Picnic: Pan Bagnats and Gazpacho Soup

-Fish Dinner: Baked Fish, Cooked Spinach

4. Make a printable grocery list. You can see mine here. I have it broken down into the ingredients needed for each meal. I left off things like garlic, onion, and spices that I always have in stock.

5. Get shopping and cooking!

Notes: I have been choosing 3 menus a week to cook on MWF. On the off days I have leftovers. There are also some fabulous apps and websites for meal planning. I played around with Pepper Plate and I really liked it.

Bouquets are expensive, these are not!

Paper flowers


Holy florist batman!  Most things wedding related are expensive.  I know that.  Spending a bunch of money on flowers that will most likely get tossed in the garbage can.  Now, that may not be the case with you, but I would not preserve them.  So yet again, I took my love for all things tedious and made all the flowers for our bridal party, groomsmen, parents and grandparents.  I do mean made.  I looked up how to make paper roses and was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is.

It really came down to finding the time to roll hundreds of book pages and card stock into beautiful flowers.  The bouquets have anywhere from 40-60 flowers in them.  The book pages were from a book I had purchased years ago at the library book sale for 50 cents.  I picked it up because it had some of the most…

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Long Overdue Update and Guest Post

Hey guys, I realize I’ve been radio silent for quite a while. I’ve been a bit overextended since July. Summer brought yet another death of a loved one amidst the chaos of starting graduate school and student teaching so I’ve had little energy for much else besides family, school and teaching.
Since leaving my job and beginning school and teaching my life satisfaction has taken a drastic upswing. I’m actually excited to wake up every day and my brain has been a whirlwind of ideas for lessons and activities. I finally feel like I have a purpose that had been previously missing.
Lastly, I have a guest post over at Minimalist Couple today. You should check it out!

A Saturday Thought or Two…….

This is wonderful. Often times we forget to appreciate the things we have been blessed with, be it family, friends, or even a bed in which to sleep.

On the Homefront

“One of our most popular activities has become the acquisition of things. In our consumer society, feelings of depression, meaninglessness, and despair are widespread. These feelings can be reflective of what’s missing in our society. We often lack gratitude for all the things, material and immaterial available to us. Changing our perspective, so that we enjoy and focus on what we already have, we feel better. This enables us to have more compassion and understanding for those who have less than we do. Usually we only become aware of our good fortune when there’s a threat of losing it due to illness, old age, death or conflict.” ~ Annabelle Zinser, Small Bites-Mindfulness for Everyday Use

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