Minimalist Monday: Minimalist Rats

Postings have been sparse lately, there’s been a lot going on this summer. But I have been meaning to write this post for a while. It’s about my darling little fluffkins that started me on this simplifying journey. Well they’ve helped in a different way too. For anyone who knows they want to let go of things but are having trouble with it, I suggest getting a pair of rats (at least two, they are social animals) and releasing them in your house. They are pretty indiscriminate in their capacity to destroy anything and everything. For example, here is a comforter they got their little hands on:


And here is little Fluffer herself eating a pencil as I type this:


So hey, if your having a hard time deciding what to eliminate, or just letting go in general… let the rats do the thinking for you. They will also help you foster a sense of detachment from your material possessions since it will all end up with holes eventually. And those little balls of fluff are so darn cute it’s not like you’ll want to get rid of them 😉


First, introductions. My name is Alyssa. I am a 20 something born and raised in the freaking awesome city of San Diego. I have a kickass partner. His name is Tristan. We have two baby rats (Fluffer and Curly) who roam free in our 500 sq. ft. apartment. Remember the rats. They are somewhat important.

Tristan has had a profound influence on my life. In our time together, he has been my shaman on my journey to figure out exactly what I was doing with myself. We have come to embrace three little things that made a huge difference in our lives: live simply, spend your time doing meaningful things, and remember no one has lived your life before.

Living simply is where the rats come into play. Last month, when we brought home our baby rats, we wanted them to be able to roam free in our apartment. Now take 30 seconds and try to think like a rat. Did you do it? Did you realize that having a lot of stuff is not good with little troublesome rat hands fishing around? We didn’t want our little babies getting stuck or trapped or hiding under/behind things so we simplified. Less furniture, less clothing, less stuff for little ratties to mess up. Creating space for my baby rats drove me to embrace minimalism.