Cohabitation, Sleep Trouble, and the Simple Solution


When I moved in with Tristan, I thought the bed situation was pretty simple. He had a queen mattress on a box spring on the floor. No bed frame, no mattress, no dust bunnies under the bed. A very minimal furnishing. Growing up I slept on chairs pushed together in a corner of the restaurant my dad owned, so I’ve never had problems sleeping in any setup. At first things were fine, we both like a cold room with warm blankets, neither of us are bed or blanket hogs, and neither of us snore.

After a few months however, we had a problem. Although I am a very deep sleeper, I am apparently very restless. Tristan, being a light sleeper from a long line of insomniacs would wake up every time I moved and be unable to go back to sleep. To him, it was like the mattress was a waterbed and I was making waves.

I slept on the couch for a few nights so my darling insomniac could sleep peacefully, but that was not a permanent solution. We tried doubling up on memory foam mattress pads and putting a rolled up towel between us to reinforce the mattress. Nothing worked. Until one day we had a brilliant idea. Get rid of the box spring. It was basically just a trampoline for the mattress at this point.

Now that box spring did not go down without a fight. Getting it down the stairs of our second story apartment, it crushed my toes and we ended up shredding it on the concrete stairs. But once that sucker was gone, we had the first good night of sleep together in a while. On our mattress on the floor. Simple solution.